Long term trainings
If you work in a business, in which English is becoming ever more important, business English training over a longer period is ideal. Thus you learn business English to deal with daily situations as well as the vocabulary needed for your work. In the course of the training you will be increasing your ability to communicate more effectively and confidently.

Practical learning style
Taking examples from your daily work we arrange our courses in line with your work. Students can bring along emails, presentations etc. for discussion into the lesson. Thus you learn vocabulary, grammar, politeness forms and diplomatic modes of expression directly on the basis of real day to day life.
e.g. : Customer care, small talk, business meetings, presentation of your company, description of its products, discussion of facts and numbers, description of trends, business vocabulary, speaking with colleagues and customers, business letters and emails, English on the telephone, conference calls.

Occupational group
You can get more information on our job-specific businesses English training when you scroll down the left. We can also arrange special trainings for other occupational groups upon request according to your wishes. Please call us for more information.