Internationally recognized
Our course levels are based on the guidelines from the Council of Europe and the Association of language testers in Europe. At the beginning and end of a course you can judge your English knowledge on the basis a classification test and these guidelines.
Our course levels are listed below together with the corresponding Council of Europe and the University of Cambridge (ESOL) level.

ELBC Level description Europarat Stufen Europarat Beschreibung ALTE Cambridge -Prüfung ESOL ELBC Units Necessary
Beginner A1 Anfänger 0   80
  A1 Beginner 0,5   80
Elementary A2 Waystage (Elementary) 1 KET 80
Lower intermediate B1 Threshold ( lower intermediate ) 2 PET, BEC Preliminary, CELS Preliminary 80
Intermediate B1 - B2       80
Upper intermediate B2 Vantage ( Upper intermediate ) 3 FCE, BEC Vantage, CELS Vantage 80
Advanced C1 Effective proficiency 4 CAE, BEC Higher, CELS Higher 80
Very Advanced C2 Mastery ( Very advanced ) 5 CPE 80